Tuesday 17 March 2015

First Butterfly

    This coming Friday marks the official start of Spring.  Physically, that doesn’t usually mean much around our neck of BC, because there is still a lot of winter-like weather ahead, but this year things are different.  Our unusually mild weather has made it feel like spring outside.  We are about a month ahead of where we normally are this time of year.
    I have been hearing the honking of geese as they make a stop in the Robson Valley during their spring migration North.  Yesterday I even saw my first butterfly of the season flittering around the unused firewood in my woodpile.  The only snow that is left in our yard are a couple of remnants from  the huge piles that were made by my snowblower months ago.
    I still don’t trust the weather enough to put the snowblower away, but it does make me feel foolish to see it sitting there on the carport with the yard bare of snow, and the temperatures being so mild (12C, 54F).

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