Wednesday 16 January 2013

Shopping in Prince George

     Saturday, I wrote about our drive up to Prince George to replenish our supplies.  Today, I thought I would elaborate a bit about our actual shopping.  Usually, our main Prince George destination is Costco.  Costco one of those big box membership stores, with a wide variety of good quality items at good prices.
    Before we got to Costco, we had to make a couple of other stops.  I bought a tube of Sap Green acrylic paint at Micheal’s, then purchased a couple of pairs of jeans at Mark’s Work Wearhouse.  While we were in the neighborhood, I wanted to stop in at Canadian Tire because in their flyer, which accompanies the local paper, they had advertised some felt pack boots for only $44.00.  
       Once in Canadian Tire, I had trouble finding the area where the boots were.  When I finally found it, I was surprised to see an actual sales person there restocking the boot section, so instead of spending time hunting around I just asked her,  “I am looking for those felt pack boots, that you have on sale?”
    “Oh, the ones for $44?”
    “Yeah, those are the ones,” I replied.
    “Well, we only have one pair; size 7,” she informed me.
    I looked down at my size 12 feet, and felt a bit mislead by their flyer.  I would have walked right out of the store in a huff, but I had already picked up a pack of peanuts for the birds, and had to stand in line behind a guy buying a gun cabinet, and a 5 gallon container of oil for a diesel engine.
    Once out of the Canadian Tire parking lot, we headed to our main shopping goal--Costco.  Luckily, we remembered to bring our shopping list, so we had some direction.  Joan immediately went over to the pharmacy section to get her prescription going.  The pharmacy at Costco, is truly amazing.  Pharmaceuticals at Costco cost between a third and a half of what they cost elsewhere.
    I wheeled the cart toward the food area, looking for free food samples.   Luyba Milne, who had accompanied us on our PG trip, headed out on her own.
    Forty minutes later, our shopping cart was full, and I went through the cashier lineup.  I arrived on the other side, with my wallet $300 poorer.  It was noon, so we decided to eat at Costco.  Lyuba had planned to treat us to a fancy lunch somewhere, but generally, on our whirlwind trips to PG, we opt for speed in our lunches, rather than fine dining.  Time is important so that we can make the long trip back to McBride before it starts getting dark.
    I picked out a table under an umbrella, and guarded by our shopping carts, while Joan and Lyuba went to order the food.  The sandwiches were tasty, and soon all that was left of them was the paper they were wrapped in.  
    After Costco, we went across the snowy parking lot to Winners and the Future Shop.  Then at 1:30, with all our shopping done, the back of the car all full of our purchases, and our wallets considerably lighter,  we were on Hwy. 16, heading east, back toward McBride.

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