Saturday 26 January 2013

Back in the Groove

    I just spent 3 days up in Prince George.  I have been having trouble with my hip/pelvis/back and when I went to the chiropractor in Nov, he said that it might take 3 consecutive days of manipulation to fix the problem.  
    The thought of spending 3 whole days in Prince George triggered my defense mechanisms, and I manage to put off the trip for a month or so, but finally, the pressure to do something to ease the pain made me capitulate, and so up to Prince George we went.
    Sadly, after my three days at the chiropractor, my hip/pelvis/back is still the same.  We did manage to spend a whack of money, to help the Prince George economy, while we were there.  We took our truck so we could buy and haul back a new freezer, and a new mattress for me.    
    We bought both items, but didn’t need the truck because neither was in stock, and they will have to be delivered to McBride.  Meanwhile, our frozen food is still outside, relying on cold temperatures to remain in the solid state.  There were some above freezing temperatures during the day while we were gone, but it dipped below freezing at night, and I think everything is still fairly frozen.
   I was able to post a few blogs on this site during my stay in PG.  I was happy that I could use my camera, iPad, and a motel wifi network to do it.  It’s nice to know I have that option if I travel.
    It is really nice to be back home into my old routine.  I ate my usual breakfast, we walked the trail, I painted my square, and now I am doing the blog.  It is all very comforting.

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