Tuesday 15 January 2013

In the Pink

 Joan interrupted me around 4:30 yesterday afternoon, by saying, “There’s really weird light outside.”
    I glanced out the window, then grabbed my camera, put on my coat and boots, and scampered out to record the scene.  It was a strange world.  Everything was bathed in pink.
    These are two of the photos I took.  I haven’t retouched them or changed the color, this is the way it was.  Usually, I can understand the sunsets, and why they look the way they do.  Either the sun is hitting the top of the cloud or the bottom,  but I couldn’t really figure this one out.  There was low cloud, and the sun must have been hitting the top of it, but why the sun turned them this color, I haven’t a clue.  Of course, all the snow was happy to reflect the color of the cloud.

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