Friday 25 January 2013

Pillow Talk

I am a pretty basic kind of guy. I don't usually see the need for a lot of fancy decoration. One of the things I have never really understood is the business of covering the surface of a bed with rows and stacks of pillows. The other day when we were in Sears, I saw a bed on display that was so covered with pillows, that there was hardly room to sit on the corner of the bed. It was so over the top, I wished that I would have taken a photo of it.
The bed in our motel room in Prince George was modest in comparison. It only had two rows of pillows and a log-like pillow thing thrown in for good measure. (See photo) So as soon as we were going to lay down on the bed, two pillows and the log-like thing were thrown on the floor to get them out of the way.
Once I was on the bed I noticed another disconcerting thing, the pillow, I had allowed to stay in place was so thick, solid, and firm, it was uncomfortable to use. When lying on my back, it forced my neck into an "L" shaped configuration.
The result was a very uncomfortable night, most of which I spent trying to sleep with no pillow at all. So much for the fancy pillow display on the bed.
Yesterday, while we were out shopping, we came upon a sale of cheap, thin, pillows for $3.99. I think it must have been fate that made me walk close to the pillow display. Joan and I each bought one and walked them through the motel lobby to our room. When we were asked about the pillows we were carrying, by the clerk in the lobby, I explained that the ones in the room were just too firm and thick.
I was a lot more comfortable with my new wimpy pillows. The bottom photo shows the bed with our newly purchased pillows.

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