Thursday 22 July 2021

What's Wrong With This Picture?

    It’s the hand.  Look at it, it doesn’t have a glove on. 

    During our mosquito infestation, if I was just going to do something quick outside, I would forgo the netted hat, gloves, and windbreaker and just rush outside, quickly do what I had to do, then rush in before I was totally devoured by the bugs.  That is what I was planning to do yesterday when I went out to get some spearmint for our iced tea.

    I walked past the raspberry patch, (a hotspot for mosquitoes) to get to the mint, then after I picked the mint I walked past the raspberries again, then I realized that I hadn’t been the victim of a mosquito attack.  There was a nice brisk breeze blowing and no doubt that helped keep the bugs away, but I couldn’t help to also hope that maybe the mosquito population was on the decline.

    I threw caution to the wind and decided to take advantage of the situation and pick some raspberries.  I did it without wearing a hat or gloves.  Don’t get me wrong, eventually some mosquitoes came out of hiding as I worked my way around the raspberry plants, but their number was tolerable, and I was able to pick raspberries with out the burden of netting and gloves.  It was like normal summer.

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