Sunday 4 July 2021

David's Rose Garden

    Don’t jump to conclusions, although my name is David, this in not my rose garden, I am too lazy a gardener to produce something as grand this.  This garden belongs to friends who we visit every Saturday night.  Last night we did our visiting sitting in lawn chairs surrounded by David’s roses.  What a idyllic  setting for a visit.  The evening was a perfect temperature and the mosquito coils kept the pests at bay.

    As you can see David has quite a variety of roses, it is hard to keep him away from nurseries when they go to town.  He is one of those gardeners who takes the time to do everything right, and clearly all that effort pays off.  All his roses are healthy and beautiful.   He has them properly manicured and labelled.  It is a treat to be able to share in the results of all his gardening efforts.

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