Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Stranded at Horseshoe Lake


    Wednesday is usually the day we go to town early for grocery shopping, and that is what we did today.  I just dropped off my wife at the grocery store, then drove on over to Horseshoe Lake to walk Kona.  It was a beautiful morning for a walk, skies clear and the temperature perfect.  I let Kona walk without a leash until we got close to the pull-off to the pasture, then I put the leash on Kona so she wouldn’t run over and bark at the horses.  Everything was going good.  

    When we got back to the car, Kona jumped into the back seat and I took my place in the driver’s seat. I reached out and pressed the “Start” button on the dashboard.  Nothing happened except a message popped up on the dash saying, “Access Key Not Detected.”  It was then that I realized that I didn’t have my starting fob, and I had been able to drive into town because my wife had hers on her.  Oops.  Once I had arrived at Horseshoe Lake and turned off the car, I was snookered.

    Luckily I did have my phone, so called my wife and told her that Kona and I were stranded.  She left the groceries at the store and had her own morning walk, hiking over to Horseshoe Lake to rescue us.  Having a keyless vehicle isn’t always a convenience.


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  1. I hate it when our "hardware" is smarter than us.
    Too smart for our own good.