Saturday 24 July 2021


    I hate to see people using biocides (herbicides, pesticides, poisons), but they continue to do so even though there is plenty of evidence out there they they kill a lot more living things than what is targeted, including people.

    We liked to walk Kona at the airfield.  It is rare that any planes land or take off, so it is a good place to walk the dog.  A couple of months ago when we went to the airfield to walk, they were about to spray a herbicide along a 8 ft (2.5m.) strip on both sides of the tarmac.  I assume the reasoning behind doing this was that it would lessen the amount of mowing they have to do out there.  

    We avoided walking at the airstrip for a long while, until we felt it was safe for the dog again.  When we returned, we observed that indeed, the grass on both sides of the runway had been killed, but I found it interesting that not all the plants there had died.  The photo shows a healthy Canada Thistle (an invasive plant) and some dandelions survived, note all of the grass is dead.  If they don’t mow, the thistle and dandelions will be able to spread their seeds around, and without competition from the grass, (now dead), they will insure their progeny new homes along the runway.

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