Saturday 17 July 2021

Splosh, Splosh, Splosh

    The other day we took advantage of Horseshoe Lake Road, now that it is no longer under water, to walk Kona.   As we started on our walk we noticed that the horses were back in the pasture after being removed when it began to be flooded.  It seemed that everything was back to normal, although we could see there were still some big flooded areas in the pasture.

    As we walked, we kept hearing splashing sounds coming from the pasture.

    “A couple of horses must be walking around in the huge puddles,” I thought, but when I saw them they were grazing in the grass.  Then I realized that there was still eight or ten inches (20-25 cm) of water still in the pasture, we just couldn’t see it through the grass.  It was like the horses were standing in rice field and every time they moved we could see the water splash up.  

    I am wondering if all this standing water is going to contribute to the mosquito problem.  So far the townsite of McBride isn’t suffering much compared to how we are at our house.  I sure hope they will be spared our misery.

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