Tuesday 27 July 2021

Air Quality Map

    I have been complaining about the local air quality caused by all of the smoke drifting in from BC’s 250 active forest fires.  Living in such an isolated little village, we never hear on the news how bad our local air is with all of the smoke, so I was happy when friends told us about the Purple Air Map that can be found on the internet:   https://www.purpleair.com/map?opt=1/mAQI/a10/cC0#6.61/53.151/-120.541/25.5

    When people buy the small air monitors from Purple Air ($250), the air quality they record at their location every 10 minutes, is automatically sent via the internet to the Purple Air Map, so anyone with internet can see the readings.  Luckily, the McBride Library has one of these monitors and so we can see what our air quality is.  It is a wonderful free resource. 

    Yesterday when I checked the air quality in McBride.  It as a surprisingly low, 49.  See map below.  That is a lot better than a lot of big cities, even with the current smoke we are getting.  Below the map is a photo I took of the hazy mountains with the smoke when I got the 49 reading.

You can view my paintings at:  davidmarchant2.ca

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