Saturday 10 July 2021


     Seeing or hearing an ambulance is never a good sign, but in a small community like ours, seeing an ambulance is more personal, because we probably know the person inside.  In a big urban center where  hundreds of thousands of people live, an ambulances going by probably doesn’t mean much, but when you know most of the people who live in your area, it can be stressful.  We become concerned every time an ambulance goes by our house.

    This morning when we drove down the road, we saw the flashing lights of an ambulance parked in front of a house.  Immediately our minds began to race, wondering what had happened and who specifically was in trouble.   A bit later, sirens blaring, the ambulance drove past Koeneman Park as I was walking Kona.  We still don’t know situation, eventually we will learn from the grapevine, but we are hoping for the best for whoever was involved.  

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  1. At least leaving they were still using their sirens. No sirens, no life.