Thursday 19 March 2020

Money Laundering

    The previous Provincial Government allowed BC to become one of the top money laundering places on earth.  Fortunately steps are now being taken to eliminate that distinction.  All that being said, we did a bit of money laundering ourselves the other day.  
    While we are quarantining, our friends have been good enough to do grocery shopping for us.  We needed to repay them, but just in case we were infected with something, we washed some money so that it wouldn’t be passing on any infection to them.  This was easy enough because the Canadian bills are made of plastic and are easily cleaned with soapy water.
    While I am on the subject of soapy water; I didn’t realize until recently just how effective soapy water is for killing viruses.  Viruses have a layer of fat on their surface and soapy water cuts through that layer and can kill the virus.  This is more effective than many of the “antiseptic” hand cleaners, that don’t have more than 70% alcohol in them, so you are much better off washing your hands than rubbing those products on them.

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