Thursday 12 March 2020

Back to Snow and Winter

    We just got back from a mini-vacation, spending a week among daffodils and Spring temperatures.   We were hoping to see some signs of Spring in the Robson Valley upon our return home.  It was not to be, in fact we were shocked to see more snow on the ground than when we had left. 
    The photo that was meant to show all the extra snow doesn’t really demonstrate what I was trying to show.  Although it doesn’t look like it in the photo, the “bank” of snow beyond the car is a 7 foot (2.1 meter) pile of snow created by clearing a narrow road at the Slim Creek Rest Area.  
    If all the extra snow wasn’t enough of a welcome, Mother Nature has arranged temperatures of -25C (-13F) for tomorrow night.
       Not much of a welcome.

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