Tuesday 17 March 2020

Covid-19: McBride Library is Closing

    Since it moved to its new location, the McBride Library has become the social hub of our community.  Last year the library registered 96 new members for a total of 729 active patrons,  That is an amazing 44% of  our population.  For me, the library’s monthly Book Club, and the Tuesday Night Jam are things I most look forward to attending.  The Jam is always the high point of my week. 
    Since returning last week from a trip to the US, we have been in a 14 day self-quarantine, so just in case we had picked up the Covid-19 virus, we wouldn’t be inadvertently spreading it around the Valley.  For the most part, it is life as usual for us, since we spend most of our life at home anyway, but it sure did bother me that I was going to miss this week’s jam session, having already missed last week’s.  
    Last night I received word that because of the corona virus, the McBride Library would be closed temporarily so they wouldn’t be involved in spreading the disease.  This certainly made it easier for me, knowing that no matter how much I was tempted to go, it really wasn’t going to happen, because the library would be closed anyway. 

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