Sunday 19 January 2020

The Daily Cleaning Staff

    Here are two members of the daily cleaning staff.  I see them about every other time I go outside; they keep themselves very busy.  They clean out the sunflower seeds in the bird feeder, lick out the peanut butter I put in a hanging log for the woodpeckers, and make sure that everything I put in the compost pile disappears.  They are very efficient.
    I do get mad at them sometimes because I really put out the sunflower seeds and peanut butter for the birds, but at the same time I feel sorry for the deer because I know their life is hard over the winter.  I do have a bird feeder hanging high in a tree, out of reach of deer, and likewise, they can’t get to all of the peanut butter, so the birds don’t do without.   
    The deer are welcome to everything in the compost pile.

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