Sunday 26 January 2020

Losing Naomi

    Our community is about to suffer a huge loss; Naomi our amazingly energetic and dynamic librarian is leaving McBride to take a job in a library close to her hometown in Ontario.  She came to McBride straight after getting her degree in Library Science, and from the get-go she fit right in to our community and became a pivotal force for improving it.
    Her most important achievement was enabling our library to move from its small old building to a beautiful and modern facility on Main Street and expanding the number of library activities that have made it the social hub of the Village.  Getting this new library building had been a very contentious idea which took several years to get done.  A great deal of credit goes to Naomi and her friendly personality.
    I am personally appreciative and indebted to Naomi for allowing us to start up our weekly jam session in the library.  I was very reluctant to ask her about doing it because of the old stereotype of libraries being silent places, so I asked her if we could use the old library annex (a separate building), but then when that sold, Naomi encouraged us to play inside the old library itself, and when we got the new building, we now play in it.  I don’t think there are many libraries that allow musicians to play in their buildings every week.
    Naomi was very active in so many of our local organizations, like the community garden, and you could always see her helping out at community events.  Not only will we personally miss her, but so many of our community organizations will feel her loss.
    Good luck Naomi, in the next chapter of your life.  We will sure miss you.

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  1. That photo of her has always been one I remember from your blog.
    She looks like such a neat soul. Happy future to her.