Sunday 5 January 2020

Everything is Breaking at the Same Time

    It seems that suddenly everything is breaking or wearing out.  First to go was my wife’s computer, then our television started going haywire with the color.  That was followed by a malfunction in our cook stove, which started to automatically turn off and flashing “FL” which meant that there was a problem  with its fan and that we were to have it serviced (yeah right, we will just call the local repair guy in Village of McBride, where there is none).  The latest failure was the battery in our car suddenly gave up the ghost.
    We’ve had all these products for a while, but in these days of planned obsolescence and lack repair people (especially in small rural places) about our only option is to replace the item, many of which can’t be gotten locally, so we have been doing a lot of shopping online.   
    I find it is interesting how all these equipment failures have been happening in a cluster.

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  1. AND the first of the year...they won't make as much money if that can't sell more.
    We still have a chest freezer that we got when we got married in '77, works like a charm. His mom and dad bought a new one about 5 years went out a day after the warranty ended.