Monday 13 January 2020

Burning Birch

    The cold snap is upon us.  This morning it was -34C (-29F).  Brrrr.  For most of this winter, which has been fairly mild, I have been burning spruce, pine, aspen, and cottonwood firewood in our wood stove.  I have been saving my birch firewood for colder temperatures, and now that they have arrived I have started burning it.  
    Birch is our best firewood for cold weather.  It burns slow, hot, and long.  It is a whole lot heavier than the other woods I burn.  The white bark is really flammable and I often use it to start up my stove along with paper and kindling, when the stove is cold.  Now that I am burning birch I usually have hot coals left over in the morning, so don’t really have to start the fire from scratch.
    The photo shows the birch pieces in my firewood carrying cradle.

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