Tuesday 14 March 2017

Two at One Glance

    I painted my earlier acrylic works on paper, and then had them framed with glass.  Glass can be a problem because of its reflective qualities.  You can buy non-reflective glass, but to me that dulls the colors and details, so I always just used regular glass.
    Several years ago I displayed three paintings in the windows of a store in Prince George.  I was quite disappointed when I went out to the sidewalk to see how they looked.  The store window was reflecting all the cars going down the street and the building across the street.  It was difficult to see the paintings during the day.  
    I generally I sleep upstairs, but had to move out because of the drywalling that is being done there, so I have been sleeping in the lower bedroom.  When I got up this morning, I looked up at my painting
“Rhubarb” that was hanging on the wall, and in the middle of it, I could see my paintings “Sunflower” that was hanging on the opposite wall--What a bargain, two for one!

You can see all of my paintings at: www.davidmarchant.ca

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