Saturday 25 March 2017

The Walking Alarm Clock Takes A Rest

    It must be hard being a cat.  All of the nightly activities must be exhausting.  Our poor cat Lucifer has to get up very early every morning in order to jump upon our bed and walk around on top of us in an attempt to wake us up.  Even though it does wake us, we pretend to still be sleeping and stay inert in an attempt to go back to sleep.  
    In frustration, she leaves us and starts romping around the house, running to and fro, playing with things  (all the sheets of plastic laying around while we are painting are a great new toy for her).  Soon bored with this activity, Lucifer comes back into the bedroom and hour later to try to wake us again.  This behavior continues until around 7:00, when we finally have had enough, and she has successfully  gotten us out of bed.
    Her job being done, Lucifer then curls up in some soft nest and gets comfortable for a day of snoozing.

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