Monday 13 March 2017

Our "Welcome" Puddle

    Suddenly the temperature has risen above freezing, so the snow is starting to melt.  That water created from the melting snow has to go someplace, and some of it pools up in the low spot where our sidewalk meets our front porch  (hopefully you can make out the puddle in the photo above).  Walking through, or around this big puddle is not the most welcoming of situations for people coming to our door, but a long time ago when I made the sidewalk I guess I didn’t realize it was sloping downward.  Now there’s not a whole lot I can do about it, except scoop the water out.  Eventually, when the frost in the ground below it finally thaws, it will drain itself.
    Another effect of the warming temperatures is that the snow that has been accumulating on our roof starts to slowly slide downhill, and draping itself in front of our windows (photo below).  While it’s nice to see the snow finally start to melt, but it does create a lot of messy situations until it is all gone.

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