Saturday 11 March 2017

The Big Cover-Up

    As I mentioned in an earlier blog, we are having our walls re-plastered, so we are currently living in a  construction zone.  We have plastic sheets draped over everywhere to prevent the plaster dust from getting into everything.  A good bit of our things are piled in our dining room, so it is almost impossible to find or get to the things we need.
    While it is good to see progress in the work that has to be done, it is a bit dismaying to know we are going to have to live like this for a while.  The drywall work takes several days to set, dry, and sand, then all of those re-plastered walls will have to be repainted, so we will just have to get used to our current living conditions.

My paintings at home are now covered with plastic sheets, but they can still be seen online:

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