Saturday 18 March 2017

Distant Mountains Along Highway 16

    McBride, BC is located in a valley hemmed in with mountains on both sides.  As you leave McBride to drive up to Prince George, which is located on a plateau, the mountains get farther and farther away from the highway.  You can however, see them off in the distance at various places along the highway, in places not obscured by trees.  These periodic glimpses of mountains break up the monotony of the drive, where most of the time you can only see trees on both sides
    On our return trip from Prince George back to McBride, I stopped several times to take photos of the mountains.  These photo were taken with my camera zoomed in on them, so they appear bigger than they do when you are just looking out of the window of the car.  I think maybe the snow-covered peak above is Mt. Sir Alexander.
    Below is another photo of mountains in the distance made hazy by falling snow.

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