Friday 29 July 2016

Our Embarrassing Dog

    As a dog owner, we take my responsibilities seriously.  When our dog does her business in public places, we pick up her mess and put it in the trash, but I wish Skye was a bit more modest about where she takes her dumps.  
    Mac, our previous dog had great manners.  When he felt the need, he would wander off to some inconspicuous place on our property and do his business, Skye on the other hand, seems to love to do it with an audience around or in the most inappropriate place.
    We have 19 acres on which she could make her drops if she wanted to, but she seems to prefer to hold it until we go somewhere.  When we go to the park for a walk, she does her thing almost immediately after getting out of the car, usually at the entranceway or even on a sidewalk.  I have to make sure I always have a plastic bag with me to pick up after her.  If she would only wait until we get over on the edge of the bush, it would be a lot easier.
    It’s bad even at home.  If she does decide to take a dump, she doesn’t go out in the field or a less traveled area, instead she does it in the yard close to the sidewalk, or if we are walking around the pond, she makes her deposit right in the middle of the path.  
    Its a good thing we love her so much, because she sure can be an embarrassment.

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