Sunday 10 July 2016

How I Made It Rain

    Out weeding in the garden over the last week, made me realize how dry it was getting and so I began hoping for a little rain.  I was tempted to turn the sprayer on the garden, but since the forecast kept calling for showers and rain the following day, I didn’t see the need. 
    Day after day, the promised precipitation failed to materialize.  We got dark threatening clouds, we got lots of wind, but we didn’t get any rain.  Finally in frustration, I decided to take matters into my own hands.
    The first thing I did was cut some hay a couple of days ago.  It was down and drying in the sun.  That will usually brings on the rain, but after a couple of days, still no rain, so I tried something else.
    I couldn’t use the hose on the reel because the plastic nozzle that attached to the tap on the house had cracked.  I had planned to buy a new nozzle at the hardware store for some time, but kept putting it off, but my new determination to force the rain, gave me motivation, so yesterday when we were in town, I made my way to the hardware store and bought the part to fix the hose.
    When I got back home I put it on, and watered the thirsty cabbages and broccoli in the garden.  They really needed it, but the rain still didn’t come.  
    Then I intensified my efforts by turning on the water sprinkler water the rest of the garden.  After a few adjustments I had the water spraying back and forth over the vegetables and flowers in the garden--no rain yet.
    It was still sunny, something more had to be done.  I backed the car out of the carport and parked it in the grass then got out all of my car washing equipment.  I hooked up the hose, filled the bucket with soap, screwed the car washing brush onto the hose, and got to work scrubbing the car.
    I was only half done when I heard the first crash of thunder in the distance and saw the heavy dark clouds peaking over the trees.  By the time I was finishing up on the car, the odd drops of precipitation were beginning to fall from the sky.  I hurried to finish the car and just got it back into the carport when the rain began.
    While it might seem a bit of an ordeal doing all these things, by taking matters into your own hands, you too can make it rain.  In case you are tired of rain and want the hot sun back, I build a fire in the wood stove in the house to warm things up, then the sun usually breaks through the clouds and heats up the day.

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