Thursday 14 July 2016

Looks Good Enough to Eat

    What you are looking at are cleaning products.  The orange and blue ones are for laundry and the light blue one with the red dot is for the dishwasher.  When I first saw these things my first thought was how tempting it must be for some little kid to eat them.  I find it quite amazing that big corporations go to such trouble to make their detergents so attractive that a small child would probably want to eat them.
    Every 13 seconds the US Poison Control Center gets a call about a possible poisoning.  Among the most common causes of poisoning in young children are cleaning products.  Is there really a need to create such attractive cleaning products that would be so tempting to a child?
    All this reminds me of a family story in which I was the main character.  When I was a young kid, we used to live next door to my aunt, uncle, and cousins.  I would toddle back and forth between the two houses constantly.  In those days, no one locked their houses, and one day my aunt and uncle came home and discovered that the door to their refrigerator was open and on the floor was a square of yeast with a big bite taken out of it.
    It seems that in their absence, I went over to their house, walked in, and finding no one home, went exploring.  I guess I was hungry so I opened  the fridge to see what I could find to eat.  I saw the small square of shiny foil-wrapped yeast and, thinking it was candy, took a bite.  Upon discovering that the taste was not what I had expected, I dropped it and made a quick retreat.
    I guess the moral here is that children are attracted to colorful things and that corporations should be conscientious enough to make their products less attractive to children.

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