Tuesday 5 July 2016

Cartoon: Sugar Intake

    The other day when I was in Valemount, a woman complimented me on the relevance of this  cartoon.  It is rooted in reality.  We are really going through the a lot of sugar this summer, trying to keep the hummingbirds happy.  
    Toward the end of April, I was getting concerned about hummingbirds.  Usually they are buzzing around by then, and I had only seen one.  I wondered if something had happened to them wintering in the Southern US or along their migration into Canada, where they come to breed.  I didn’t have any, and friends who are usually overwhelmed by a huge numbers of hummers were also asking where they were.
    I guess all that worrying was done in vain, because eventually they appeared in great numbers and now they are draining my sugar supplies.  I have to fill my hummingbird feeder every two days, which is a lot faster than normal.  

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