Sunday 24 July 2016

Look at that Sunset

    So much depends on being in the right place at the right time.   Last night just after 9:00, we were just coming home from our weekly visit with our friends Dave and Lyuba, and as we drove west on Hinkelman Road, I could see through the trees that the grey cloud covered sky was beginning to get a pinkish hue.
    A few minutes later the pink was becoming a more brilliant orange color, as the sun started highlighting the bottom side of the clouds.  Finally we broke out of the wooded area to find the sky a brilliant red orange and violet.  I stopped and started taking photos.
    I wasn’t the only one struck by the sunset, a local woman had noticed the sky and came cycling down the road to where we were stopped and joined us to watch it.  As the colors started to fade, we continued on our drive home on Highway 16.  Beside the highway we saw another person with a camera who had pulled off to take some photos.  
    Because of the way our house is located, tucked in at the base of the mountain we miss most of the summer sunsets, I was glad we were on the road when this one happened.

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