Thursday 1 February 2024

Still No Water, But Things Could Be Worse

    This morning as I was walking to our outhouse, I met my wife, who was just walking back.  Since our waterline froze, life has been a lot more complicated.  We now have to get 5 gallon jugs of water for the kitchen, almost daily from the hardware store, but that is easy enough.  Our friends have generous in their offerings of showers and the use of their washing machines, and luckily 20 years ago I built an outhouse for emergencies such as this, so we are getting by.

    Luckily, experiencing a record-breaking heat spell in the middle of winter, is a huge factor in making our lives easier during our water problem.  Hopefully it will hasten the thawing of our waterline.  The present outside temperature is +8°C (46°F) which is extremely warm for this time of year in the Interior of BC.  Daytime temperatures have been as high as +15°C (49°F) and our night time temperatures have also been record-breaking and above freezing.

    These unusually warm temperatures are scary, knowing that what the Robson Valley really needs is precipitation; especially snow in the mountains to get us through the summer, but all we seem to get is wind.  While worrying, at the same time, it does make our life a lot simpler, because we don’t have to put on winter coats, hats, gloves, and snow boots every time we have to go to the out house, and once there we don’t have to sit on a frosty seat.

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  1. That is one mighty good looking outhouse! I haven't looked at a weather map for you , but I will. The West Coast + Mountains are looking at a large precipitation front coming there way. Feet of snow in the mountains. One half inch rain and hour for several hours.
    Do you know how to do the 'snow dance' or a rain dance. I would get on that right away. Find the music and have fun at the next music get together. You all can do it and invite dancers to do the dances.