Tuesday 6 February 2024

Jugs of Water

    With our waterline frozen, hauling jugs of water has now become a part of our lives.  In some areas of the world, women are forced to spend a good part of their day hiking to a water source, filling a container, then lugging it all the way back to their homes.  Fortunately for us, getting water is not so time and effort, consuming.  All we have to do is drive down to the hardware store, put the container in a machine, press a button, and pay ($3.99) the cashier (every 10th fill-up is free!).  The only lugging we have to do is taking the filled jug to the car, and after getting home, lugging it into the house.

    Most of this water will be used doing things in the kitchen:  Cooking, drinking, washing the dishes, and brushing our teeth.  We do use some of it to fill the toilet tank for the occasional flush, when we don’t use our outhouse.  

    While it is a whole lot easier just to turn on the tap for water, hauling the jugs, while inconvenient, is not that difficult.  It is good that we don’t have any livestock.  That would make our water shortage a whole lot more onerous.

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