Saturday 17 February 2024

Dream House

    This blog is not about “the house of my dreams”, but rather, the house that often pops up, and reoccurs in the dreams I have.  That house appeared in a dream I had last night, and don’t really know why.  Here is how the dreams often go:

    While in my present house, I remember that there is a house not far away in our neighborhood, that I had started to build, but then for some reason stopped, leaving it to just sit there, unfinished.  I walk behind several neighbor’s houses, to get to that house.  The rooms inside are massive, framed up, but for some reason I had just abandoned it, mid-construction, and there it sits, empty and almost forgotten.  I am always surprised when, in my dreams, I go to it, and see just how far along I had been when I was building it.  

    Last night’s dream did have a new twist.  In it, I began to wonder what its ownership status was.  Did I still own it?  I wondered because in my dream, I realized that I had never paid any property tax on the place, even though I had begun building it many years ago.

    Dreams are so strange.  Sometimes they kind of relate to reality, but only in a fleeting way, as they go zooming off on their unexpected tangents.  Scientists say that dreams are the way that brain cells unload all of thier built up wastes that they have accumulated during the day.  

    I have never believed that dreams mean anything or predict anything, but nevertheless, the human mind does seek out meaning in everything, even confusing dreams. 

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