Sunday 26 November 2023

Underwater Springs?

    As I have written about, the Robson Valley has been suffering under a severe drought for months.  The water in my pond had fallen more than a foot from what was normal.  Its water was no longer draining out of the outflow.  Over the last few weeks I have been surprised to see the pond’s water level begin to rise.  

    For the winter, I have allowed a bit of water from our waterline to continually flow into the pond to keep our waterline from freezing over, but that small amount of water draining into the pond does not account for the fast rise of the pond’s water level.  This morning I noticed a probable explanation for its fast rise.  Can you see the dark circles on the ice in the photo above?

    I believe some underground springs underneath the pond have begun running, due to the new snow now on the mountaintops.  The pond is covered with a thin layer of ice, which is topped by a skiff of snow.  You can now see a few dark spots on the ice’s surface where the snow has melted, and in one spot, melted the ice.  I think water from underground springs are seeping into the pond water, and being warmer, are rising, and melting the ice above them. 

    The water in the pond has now risen enough for the water to now begin to flow out of the pond’s outflow.  That is what the photo below shows.  That area in the middle and foreground of the photo, had been totally dry until a month ago.

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