Tuesday 7 November 2023

1987 Travel Journal: My Day in Merida

    I woke up about 5:00 AM, but lingered in bed until 7:30, before taking a hot shower in hopes that the steam and moisture would clear my sinuses a bit.  I left the hotel seeking breakfast, and feeling adventuresome, ordered Heuvos Rancheros and was pleased to discover that they were the best I have had on my trip.  I ate them leisurely while watching the traffic go by and the big yellow leaves falling from a tree in the park across the street.  

    The big treat of the day happened at 10:00, when I was able to get through on a phone call to my wife back in McBride.  It was good to hear her voice again.  She reported that nothing disastrous happened back home while I have been away, traveling.  She said that everything was muddy, in this first week of March, so maybe Spring is on its way in the Robson Valley.

    After the call I was inspired to out shopping for more souvenirs for friends back home.  I bought two hammocks, one of nylon and the other made of cotton threads.  The salesman showed me how to fold them, but there is no guarantee I will remember the process.  I also bought four more pairs of earrings, wanting to make sure I have some that will appeal to the several female friends back home that gave me money for earrings.

I    n the afternoon I went to the Anthropology Regional Museum in Merida.  I was fascinated by the large display of deformed Mayan skulls, some incredibly deformed, purposely shaped for the sake of “beauty”. 

    Back in my hotel room, I watched a lot of Mexican television.  It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in Mexican TV compared to North American TV.   On a show called, “Stella’s de los 80’s” there were 4 reviews and clips (in English) of the John Candy and Eugene Levi movie, “”Armed and Dangerous”.  A Mexican Astrologer with a beard (must be a universal trait) doing a horoscope of a male Mexican singer.  That was followed by a rock video of Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me ‘Al’”.   Obviously, Mexican TV borrows heavily from the US.

    An advertisement for a television set came on that was identical to a thousand others I have seen, but what caught my eye was the price.  It was a bargain at only 475,000.00 (Pesos). 

    For supper, I ordered a shrimp meal again, and it was beautifully presented in a big platter covered with lettuce leaves.  The shrimp were arranged in a ring around the outside, then inside of the shrimp ring was a cucumber ring.  Inside of that there was a large tomato cut in a star shape, filled with Thousand Island Dressing, sprinkled with peas.  Not only was it attractive, but also very tasty.

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