Friday 3 November 2023

Time Change: Trouble Ahead for Pets

    This weekend we turn the clocks back one hour.  That will be difficult enough for us humans, but it is doubly so for Kona and Lucifer.  We understand what is going on, but unfortunately, they do not.  All they know is suddenly, they have to wait an additional hour for their meals.  “What the Hell?”

    Kona has a very accurate inner clock, that drives her.  Unfortunately her inner clock is always one half hour early.  This is particularly bad when it comes to sleeping and awakening.  For years she insisted that at 6:00 AM, to her that signaled that it was time for everyone to get up, and she was persistent in insuring that we did.  Slowly, over time, we have been able to get her to wait until 7:00, although she still wakes up about 6:30, and I have to pretend I am sleeping, and making sure that I don’t move, until 7:00.

    This upcoming time change, which her inner clock does not recognize, means that she will be waking, at what has become, 5:30 AM, and I know that by 6:00. she will be demanding that we pull ourselves out of our warm bed and face the morning.

    It always makes me mad that once we are up, she sometimes lays back down, her job finished.

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