Sunday 5 November 2023

Time Changes, Schedule Doesn't

    This morning Kona woke at her same “inner Clock” time, like she always does, then proceeded to push herself on me to get me out of bed.  As usual, her persistence worked, but the only problem was that because of the time change, it was officially 6:00 AM instead of being her normal 7:00.  So all of those normal morning routines continued only they were now an hour earlier, according to the clocks.  I took this photo during my filling up all of the bird feeders activity this morning.

    I have never understood the premise of the time changes created by Daylight Savings Time.  Officially the reason is to “Save Energy”, but that seems bogus, since we end up using the same amount of energy, time change or not.  There is still the same amount of daylight that happens.  So if we don’t have to turn on the lights in the morning, we end up turning them on in the evening, and vice-versa.  I read that the real reason for Daylight Saving Time was lobbying and pressure from golf course industry, giving more daylight for golfers in the summer evenings.  I sure don’t see any other advantage.

    This whole time change thing is especially non-sensical for those of us who live in the north.  In the winter, it is dark when we get up and dark when we go to bed, while in the summer, it is light when we get up and light when we go to bed.  Where is the energy saving?

    A couple of years ago the Provincial Government of BC vowed to stop changing time, but it was dependent upon Washington, Oregon, and California doing the same.  They all said they wanted to also do it, but they have to get permission from the US Federal Government, and that hasn’t yet happened, so BC hasn’t done away with the time change yet either.



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