Monday 13 November 2023

Lucifer Loves her Litter Box

    I was outside putting new cat litter into Lucifer’s litter box.  When I was done, I opened the door and carried her litter box into the house.  As soon as I entered, I noticed that Lucifer was sitting in the hallway looking at me.  I put the box down in its regular spot and turned around to take off my jacket.  As soon as the jacket was off, I turned to go into the kitchen, and noticed that in that less than a minute, Lucifer was already inside her litter box.  

    Life would sure be a whole lot simpler if Lucifer would just do her business outside.  She can be outside for a couple of hours, but then she come inside to do her business.  That dependence on her litter box inside the house, and her eagerness to use it, was my inspiration for the cartoon below.

Take a look at my paintings:


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