Friday 24 November 2023

Lyuba Milne's Ceramic Show

    We had a wonderful cultural evening last night when we went to the opening of Lyuba Milne’s Ceramic display at the McBride Museum.  I have always been impressed at Lyuba’s sudden dive into the extremely difficult and chancy world of clay, and her incredible creativity, once she sunk her teeth into it.    While over the years I had seen many of the creations that were on display last night, seeing the collection together in the beautiful space at the museum was a real treat for the eyes. 

    There were so many different examples of Lyuba’s sculptural styles, adorned in the amazing colorful and textured glazes that were created by David Milne.  

    Ceramics is a terribly difficult art form, plagued by uncertainty and potential failure during the whole long process.  You could be using the wrong kind of clay, and your piece might come apart while being fired.  The glaze you used may turn out totally different than what your expected, because of the temperature inside the kiln.

    I have always thought of ceramics as being a scary art form, because there are just so many uncertainties and unexpected ways you can fail, after all the time it took for you to create your piece.  Lyuba’s patience and determination has been remarkable, and she can certainly be proud of what she has accomplished.

    Below are closeups of a couple my favorite pieces that I saw last night, and I plan to show a few more tomorrow.  

    Her show will be at the McBride Museum through December.

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