Tuesday 4 October 2022

Snow Tires, Now?

    Every year at this time, people who live in mountainous regions of BC have to put snow tires on their vehicles and keep them on until April 1st.   It’s the law.   This year it seems strange to be putting the snow tires on, because the weather has been so warm and summery, but on they will go today.  

    Snow tires not only have deeper tread for moving through the snow, but they also are made with a softer rubber that sticks better to the road than regular tires when the temperature is colder than 7°C (44°F).  

    It is expensive to buy two sets of tires and a bit of a hassle to have to be switching tires twice a year, but if it will keep us safer it is worth it.  Winter driving is very dangerous and we knew people who have been killed doing it.

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  1. It could snow at any time now I guess? Sounds like common sense to me.