Thursday 6 October 2022

And Carry A Big Stick

    Kona doesn’t “speak softly”, in fact her loud sudden barking drives us crazy, but she sure does have the “carry a big stick” part of the saying, down pat.   Yesterday when we walked around the pond, Kona emerged carrying this small log.  It seems so bizarre that it is something she feels compelled to do.  Surely it is uncomfortable for her to lug thick heavy chunks of wood around in her mouth. 

    Sometimes she picks up really long sticks, then gets all flustered when she get them through trees that line both sides of the path. 

    She carried this one across the pasture, then deposited it in the front yard.  It has become quite a hassle every time I mow the yard because I have to always move Kona’s diverse collection of sticks out of the way.  

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