Monday 31 October 2022

Birthday Statistics

    Back in the early days of my education in elementary school, the teacher was going through the class asking when everybody’s birthday was.  I was surprised that in my class of 30 kids, two kids had the same birthday.  That seemed like quite a coincidence, but my teacher explained that statistically, in a group of thirty people, two of them will have the same birthday.  I could not wrap my head around that (and still can’t), but it seems to be true.

    I remember when I was working at Forestry, and we had about 30 employees,  and another guy (whose name was also David) had the same birthday as I did, and that again re-enforced the statistic.

    Every year I make a family calendar and I put the photo of my family member on the date of their birthday.  Again, the birthday statistic is confirmed.  A few years back, with about 35 family members, I had two pairs with birthdays on the same day and I had to squeeze their photos onto one day.  Of course, one of those pairs were my twin  brothers, so I don’t know if their common birthday counts.

    Over the last two days, I have been working on my 2023 family calendar and, with people marrying and children being born, there has been some recent additions.  Now there are 46 family members on the calendar, and four pairs of them have the same birthday.  My mind is still boggled by how that happens, when there are a whole 365 days in a year when people could be born.

    While I am on the subject of birthdays, I would like to say happy birthday to Sharon and Mila, whose birthdays are coming up very soon.

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