Monday 26 September 2022

Wood Duck Gathering

    Because they are silhouetted, you really can’t tell from the photo, but this is a group of wood ducks on my pond.  They have been hanging around for a week and every time I walk Kona around the pond they all take flight, but I recognize their call when they take off complaining.  

    Years ago I had 30 or so wood ducks that would sometimes gather on the pond during the fall.  I even had some nesting in some of the nesting boxes I had hung in the trees, but something must have happened when they migrated south, because for about 10 years there were no wood ducks in the Valley.  

    A few years ago I heard from a local birder that she had again seen a few in the McBride lagoon.  I saw a couple at my pond this last spring, and now here is a small flock of them which I assume hatched somewhere close this summer.  I hope their numbers continue to increase.

    Wood ducks are nervous birds and it is difficult to get very close to them because they fly off.  I was able to take this photo with a zoom lens from my balcony.

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