Monday 5 September 2022

After The Storm

    We had big storm blow through yesterday.  There was a ferocious wind, torrents of rain, flashing lightning, and crashing thunder.  Our power went off for three hours.  The most damaging thing that happened was that branches blew off of a cottonwood tree and crashed through and broke, 3 panes of glass on my greenhouse.   Luckily, several months ago when I bought some glass to replace a couple of panes that had broken, I bought 3 extra, just in case.  I am sure glad I did.

    The wind also broke and scattered branches from our willow trees, spreading them across the driveway, but they will be easy to deal with.  

    The thunder terrified Kona, who trembled as I tried to comfort her in the dark, due to the power outage and although we had no internet, we were able to check the closeness of the lightning strikes on our cell phones (Below, red dots lightning, blue dot: our house).

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