Friday 9 September 2022

Our Royal Collection

    I am not a Monarchist, but it is difficult to live in a country where the Queen’s image is on the currency, where photographs of her often appears in government offices, and where you have to swear allegiance to the Queen in order to immigrate, and not have the Monarchy seep into our home.  We have several items that we have picked up over the years that show Queen Elizabeth and our new king, Charles III.  I thought, now with the 24/7 news stories about Queen Elizabeth’s death, it would be a good time to show off our “Royal Collection”.

    Above you see a cup celebrating the crowning of the Queen.  Below, is a cookie tin that commemorates the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and below that is another cookie tin (we eat a lot of cookies) with the only image we have of King Charles III, although it celebrates something he would probably prefer to forget.


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