Sunday 11 September 2022

Racing the Bear to the Apples

    Timing is very important this time of year.  The apples are not completely mature yet, but if I wait any longer to pick them, there is a good chance that the neighborhood bear will arrive one night, trash the apple tree, and eat all of the apples.  The only solution to the problem is for me to pick the apples before the bear.  

    There have been several years when, after noticing the maturing apples, I have told myself, “I will pick the apples tomorrow.”

    The next day when I go outside, to my dismay, I discover that overnight, the bear has come, mangled the apple tree, and eaten all of the apples.  Their timing was amazing.

    Sorry bear, I will be picking all of the apples from our to trees today.  If you come tonight, you will be too late.

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