Tuesday 27 September 2022

Into The Fast Lane

    Over the last year our internet has been getting slower and slower.  If we were lucky we would get speeds like 7 Mbps during the day, but at night the speeds could drop to .8 or .3 Mbps, if it didn’t completely stop totally for periods of time.  It was extremely frustrating, especially since we were paying $90 / month.  

    Something had to be done, but living where we do outside a small isolated village, our options were very limited.  In the end I opted for Elon Musk’s expensive satellite internet, Starlink.   We are getting old and do have money saved, so we thought we might as well get a bit of pleasure from it.   The system is expensive though for Canadians:  $900 for equipment, then $140 / month, but the internet we received is amazingly fast.

    We do have a problem with having a lot of all trees close to our house and I was worried I didn’t have enough sky to pick up the satellite, but I found a spot using the Starlink app.  (The spot was totally different from where I was thinking.)  Surprisingly, the dish automatically moves around to find the satellites, and it is heated to melt the snow.

    After I installed the Starlink dish (it was amazingly simple) and went online to do a speed test, I got  an unbelievable 199 Mbps and since then I haven’t gotten anything lower than 45 Mbps.  We can actually watch video without the annoying stops as it tries to download.

    I am not unaware of the increasing problem of so many satellites clogging up the upper atmosphere, but was somewhat reassured that the Starlink satellites are controlled to be brought back down if they wear out.

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