Thursday 22 September 2022

If These Disappear, That's Alright

    Here are some of our gigantic zucchinis.  A few weeks ago I picked two similar-sized ones and put them on our carport, until we got around to using them.  A couple of days ago I was sweeping the carport and noticed that they were no longer there, so I asked my wife if she had moved them.  She told me she hadn’t, so I figured the neighborhood bear must have carried the zucchini off to eat.  

    Since the frost had killed off the zucchini plants in the garden, I started carting the remains off to the compost pile.  Under all of the withered leaves I found all of these big zucchini.  It’s way more than we will ever use, and since the bear seemed to have liked them, I just stacked them by the compost pile and if the bear is still hungry, it is welcome to them.

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