Friday 14 August 2020

Mudcrutch: Hearing Tom Petty Again

    I was a huge Tom Petty fan and was devastated that afternoon in October of 2017 when I heard on the radio that Tom Petty was brain-dead and was taken to the hospital where he later died.  I don’t remember any other singer’s death hitting me as hard as his.  I always felt a kinship of sorts with Tom Petty because I could tell from his songs, that growing up he had listened to, and loved the same music that I had.  When he died I hated the fact that I would no longer be hearing new music from him.
    When he was alive I bought most of his albums as they came out.  Because I liked him, I knew basic things about his life, one of which was the fact that he had a band called “Mudcrutch” when he was first in LA trying to get a record deal.  
    I was completely unaware that in 2008 Petty re-assembled the musicians in Mudcrutch and made an album under that name.  Included in the band was his amazing Heartbreaker’s guitarist Mike Campbell, along with Tom Leadon (guitar, vocals) and Heartbreaker Benmont Tench (keyboard, vocals).  Tom Petty played the bass on the album.  
    I first became aware of the album about a month ago when I saw it on Apple Music.  I eagerly clicked on it to hear what Mudcrutch sounded like.   Wow !!!  Love at first listen.   What a wonderful treat to hear Petty along with those beautiful crisp driving backups.   I have been listening to the album ever since.
    Obviously, I am not the most diligent of musical followers, because I had been totally unaware of the 2008 Mudcrutch album (it was just today I discovered there is a Mudcrutch 2 album recorded in 2016).          
    While I may be late in my discovery of Mudcrutch, it has been a really wonderful belated surprise for me.

Here is a link to a video of “Scare Easy” one of the songs on Mudcrutch:

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