Friday 21 August 2020

Is Lucifer Remembering Lexi?

    I remember two sleeping habits of our dog Lexi from that whirlwind time when we had her.  First; Lexi seemed to take over all of Lucifer’s napping places.  Second; Lexi discovered some new sleeping places for herself; she seemed to like to be up on top of upright cushions.  Those were places where Lucifer had never slept.
    Now that Lexi is gone, Lucifer has all of her old sleeping places back, but she has also starting to nap in those places that were uniquely Lexi’s.  Now, one of Lucifer’s favorite places is on top of the back rest cushions of the upstairs couch.
    This is probably just a case of “Monkey see, Monkey do,” but I would like to think that, like us, she is missing our “wild” dog and maybe is comforted with a bit of Lexi’s scent that has lingered on the blankets and couch cushions.

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