Friday 28 August 2020

Many Hands...

    It used to drive us kids crazy when we wanted to go out and play, but my Grandmother wanted us to do some job and tried to convince us the job wouldn’t take long by saying, “Many hands make work light.”   The phrase never made us want to do the work, but as I got older it became obvious that working together with others to do a job, did make the work go faster and was a lot more enjoyable.
    During our rainy Spring and Summer, the walkways between the planting beds in McBride’s Community Garden were often soggy with puddles and mud.  Yesterday the group had ordered a load of cedar mulch from a local mill and we all met for a “work bee” to spread it into the pathways to solve the mud problem.  The Community Garden members gathered with rakes and shovels in hand, saw what had to be done, then got to work blanketing the walkways with the cedar mulch.
    After an hour and a half of pulling mulch-filled tarps to needed locations in the garden, spreading it between the garden boxes, and joking around, the job was done and the Open Gate Community Garden looked renewed--no more muddy shoes.

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